#Ladies Only: 9 Signs He Would Be A Weakling In Bed

#Ladies Only: 9 Signs He Would Be A Weakling In Bed

#Ladies Only: 9 Signs He Would Be A Weakling In Bed

Every man claims to love being in control especially when their women show them they are into them as much as they are too. And to a very large extent, this fact is true because a lot of men claim they love it when women take control. They would want their partners to be more aggressive in bed but it just might not be as palatable as it seems when such wishes are eventually fulfilled. And that’s true – to a point. When the thoughts become reality, it’s usually not as much of a pretty sight as envisaged.

For the ladies, it might be hard determining if you’re much too aggressive in bed or perhaps if he is the weakling. If you’re not sure of either of this, here are 9 signs that will tell you if you’re the aggressive one or if he is just a weakling.

He’s having a hard time keeping an erection.

A lot of men claim that they’d love to be with a woman that possesses an insatiable appetite for sex but most times end up being shocked when they face the irrevocable reality that they can only go so many times before their penises get limp. Keeping an erection after a couple of ejaculation can be a tough act to say the least but what’s important is that he’s able to satisfy your orgys and make you orgasm.

Your toys intimidate him.

If you as a lady is the type that enjoys bringing in fun to the bedroom with an array of sexual toys and your man is intimidated by this, it may be that you’re a tad too aggressive. Sex toys such as the vibrator you use may be bigger than his penis and this may bruise his ego.

You always have to scream out orders.

If you are always shouting out orders to him on what you expect him to do which goes beyond the normal “you’re sweet, go faster, harder”, then he’s probably too soft for you. But if the screams from you would wake the neighbours up and he tells you he is bruised after, then you might have to tone down your aggressiveness a bit.

You’re always the one that initiates sex.

Men love to have their ego stroked by believing that they are aggressive and the ones that initiate sex, drive you wild and make you surrender in bed. As a result, men may feel you’re too aggressive if you’re the one that always initiates sex more times than they do. However, it may be that he is the weakling if you always have to bark out orders or criticise his performance. It’s better you tell him what you need himmto do to be better next time.

You always reach out straight for his eggplant.

In as much as some men complain that some women are not aggressive enough in bed, some others complain that their partners reach out straight for their eggplants as soon as they get kinky in bed. Don’t get it twisted, men also love foreplay as research has shown that men and women almost desire the same duration of foreplay which helps to intensify arousal and eventual orgasm.

You never let him take the lead.

In truth, men want you to be on top sometimes as it shows your seductress side. It is however important that you ensure there’s a balance as always trying to be in charge shows your aggressive side and that could be a turn off.

You never let him take breaks between orgasms.

Men need about 10 to 20 minutes after rest after ejaculation before they ate raring to go again. If he requires much more or he’s not able to gain erection an hour after, then he might not be good enough for you in bed. However, you need to learn what would turn him on and sustain his erection.

You always worry about your own orgasm first.

Worrying that you’d not be able to achieve orgasm might be an indication that he’s a weakling. He just might not be able to get you to where you desire.

You refuse to let go of control.

Being too aggressive or a weakling can be an underlying problem just as it can be a huge one. Stop being rigid. Don’t be afraid of how stupid you may sound or how your physical appearance is, replace that fear with an air of freedom. Let yourself loose and both you and your partner would enjoy sex much more. You can transform him from the weakling he is to a strong bull if you also learn to let go and stop being in control of every one of your move.

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