Kanye West Talks about Christianity and Modern Slavery

Kanye took time to explain why he considers himself a revolutionary person and a genius. Explaining the plot to keep the black race enslaved through a trend of increasing jail time on crimes common among black people. He also explained how the fashion industry and big companies use celebrities to create an illusion of class in order to enslave people to a luxury mentality that make them struggle to afford their expensive products. He Sighted Apple® as an example of big corporations who force their definition of classy on people. Making these products very expensive; with more attention on the hype than it is on the quality. He also said that industries (especially fashion), are controlled by 6 or 7 powerful individuals who condition things to favor themselves. Kanye went on to talk about his plan to ‘make life better’ for people through affordable quality fashion and when he succeeds at that, he plans to subsidize quality education too. When asked if he was revolutionary he answered that he is ‘a Christian revolutionary visionary’, saying he doesn’t see himself as just a musician but a creative genius. Reminiscing on his childhood; he said he was raised a Christian (Baptist) and he is still a Christian but he doesn’t force his beliefs on anybody so as not to bore people with religion.Download the video of this interview Kanye West had with POWER 99 FM here.

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