Jesus Christ Makes Immaculate ‘Appearance’ In 52-Year-Old British Mum’s New Toilet Floor

A mum-of-five says she’s seen the face of Jesus Christ on her newly-laid toilet floor. Freda Murphy, 52, spotted the holy image after taking photographs while renovating her 100-year-old Birmingham home.

She was stunned to discover the outline of a face she believes to be the son of God. The spooky imprint, which appears to have a tear falling from its right eye, is the latest in a series of chilling encounters at the property, reports the Birmingham Mail.

Freda and her family have encountered ghosts, heard the cries of babies and even been prodded in their sleep since they moved in 19 years ago. She said:

“At one time a mist, like a cloud, appeared above my head while I was hoovering. So much has gone on here. A lot of people have been frightened.”


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