Nigerians Don’t Care About Rap Music – Kel (@Kelonline) Tells


In a recent interview with E-Punch, Nigerian female rapper Kel explains the reason behind her long absence from the music scene.

She says, “I am working on other projects which are all entertainment related. Although I haven’t recorded any new song lately, I am working to release a come-back album before the year runs out. I have only stepped aside to take care of my education and to sort out pending issues with my former record label. I want to work on my music and myself, physically and mentally. But I am still in touch with the Nigerian music scene. Also, I am a brand ambassador for SOULMATE Industries.”

The female Emcee and Soul Mates industries ambassador won the hearts of music lovers with her smashing debut album, “The Investment” back in 2009 but did the new generational music kick her out of the market?

The ‘Wa Wa Alright‘  hitmaker admits that rap music is  being looked down upon in Nigeria, claiming only two percent of the country’s population really appreciates rap music.

Rap will always be a looked down upon as a music genre in Nigeria.” She told E-Punch, “The truth is that only two percent of the country’s population really appreciates rap music for what it is. Being a female rapper in Nigeria puts you under so much pressure, but I won’t be switching genres when I return. I just want to release my new album as a surprise. I am not signed on to any records label because I run my own label and won’t be signing on any artiste for now,” she ended.

Who still believes in Kel? Tell us the honest truth…

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