10 Worst Football Stars Of 2014 World Cup


When the World Cup games kicked off in Brazil on June 12,footballs fans around the globe were expecting the galaxy of Stars to light up the Championships with their avalanche of skills, finesse and razzmatazz.

With just days to the climax of the biggest single sport event in the world, have the Stars come to the party? I mean the big names, the poster boys of world football. Let’s take a look at the BIG NAMES that came to the World cup with HYPES but failed woefully on the pitch:

10. VICTOR MOSES: Though he was practically on the bench at Liverpool during the last season, many Nigerians were banking their hopes on this young Chelsea lad but Moses dashed the hopes of many of his Countrymen with his below par performance in the games he featured. His combination with Emeneike that won us the Nations cup was conspicuously missing at the Mundial.

9. EDIN DZEKO: He was the biggest name in the Bosian Squad, a team making their debut at this level hence much was expected of him. He was likened to Davor Suker who lit up the France 98 world cup with Croatia. To say the least, Dzeko was woeful.

8. YAYA TOURE: If you are a keen follower of the English Premiership, you would agree with me that Yaya Toure was lackluster and uninspiring for the Ivorians at the showpiece. The drive akin to Toure in the colours of Manchester city was absent. Had he used 70% of his capacity, their fortune would have been better.

7. JOHN OBI MIKEL: Nobody should begrudge me by including Mikel in this list. His performance was shambolic. He could not dribble, his passes were not coordinated, defensive ability lacking and he could not even inspire the team despite wearing the Nos 10 jersey. Onazi was doing his and Mikel’s job little wonder, the mid field crumbled with his exit.

6. FRED: Someone even asked me if the Brazilian called Fred was a footballer. But really, how did he get here? The Brazilian National team that once paraded the greatest assembly of Stars now has a journeyman Fred as their number 9. Wonders indeed!

5. AGUERO:Agreed he has practically been on the Substitute bench, but had he performed in the first games, would he be on the bench? How can you come to a tournament with so much, yet give so little?

4. ITALY FULL SQUAD: Imagine Mario Balotelli hoping to do England a favour in anticipation for a kiss from the British queen when he has yet to qualify Italy to the next stage. How can four time Champions crumble like a park of card in Brazil? Losing to Costa Rica and failing to get a draw in your last game. What happened to them? Maybe Super Mario got carried away by the kiss from Madam Elizabeth.

3. ENGLAND STRIKEFORCE: To be fair to the Three Lions, they left the tournament with many positives. For the first time the English paraded skillful bunch of boys. But a strike force with Rooney, Sturridge, Welbeck etc could only score 2 goals at the world cup. What do you call that?

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