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Is This not True Love? 92-Year-Old Man Dyes Wife’s Hair Amid Coronavirus Lockdown


92-Year-Old Man Dyes Wife’s Hair Amid Lockdown As She Can’t Go To The Salon

This pair of 92-year-olds, who usually are not solely mother and father and grandparents, but additionally great-grandparents. They’re additionally nice husband and spouse, as you’ll quickly discover out. Attributable to being in a risk-group of individuals to whom the contraction of the coronavirus is high

, it’s no marvel why grandma needed to forget her hair dying appointment in the salon around the neighborhood . And as a result of them being married for 67 years, it’s additionally not stunning why Ezra, her husband, would take it on himself to deal with his spouse’s hair.

The moment was shared by their grandson Israeli Yael Shapira Avraham, on Facebook. It said: “These are my 92-year-old grandparents. In all situations, my grandfather is concerned about my grandmother feeling well cared for. We don’t see things like that every day.” Soon enough, the photo went viral, with the original share reaching nearly 60k likes.

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