INTERVIEW with Princess Chindinma Stella Charles , Beauty Queen Turns Into Music Artist



Her name is Princess chidinma stella Charles, from Njikoka local government area Abagana of anambra state. Her family is a blessed family of 3 beautiful girls which She happens to be the second child, she is a student

of the university of Abuja 300 level political science student, This breathe taking beauty started

modeling at the age 17 and it’s been awesome till today. Chidinma aka Creammy stel, is an upcoming actress, model, former MBGN

contestant, former most beautiful girl in Abuja and Actor Daniel K’s

girlfriend…. The popular abuja base beauty queen princess stella charles has declared her intentions of  joint The Nigerian Music Industry to show more of her talent and skill in music not just modeling…

Beleow is her achievement and a short interview with the beauty Queen…


girl southeast Nigeria 2010,

most beautiful in Abuja 2011/12,

mbgn ekiti top 15 2013,

present miss heritage Nigeria 2013/14.

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An interview with Princess Stella Charles

QUESTION: What prompted to make this mind breaking decision?

RESPONSE: I love music, I started singing from the age of 5yrs and it’s been part of me…. So I just decided to do this because it makes me happyÂ

QUESTION: Who really inspired you?

RESPONSE: Beyoncé inspires me a lot, her style of music, her energy, her composure, her charisma…. Everything about Beyoncé inspired me to do what I truly love……

QUESTION: Who do you humanly look up to in the regards?

RESPONSE: Both my mum and my dad, I look up them. They are so amazing… Who else can I look up to? If not them….

QUESTION: Which record label will are signing into, or which one have you signed into?

RESPONSE: Non for now, I am on my own……… But I would like to sign into one

QUESTION: What’s going to be your stage name? And lastly, when should we expect your first track?

RESPONSE: chidinma stella Charles is my name, so my stage name is going to be stella Charles…….. Expect my first track in few weeks or days from now…… Let’s go there!!!!!!!

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