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Interview: Celebrating Baba James Frederick Ojonugwa aka JFO



North Central  Nigerian music ambassador 2015 & kogi born performing artiste BABA OJONUGWA popularly known as J.F.O was recently awarded “THE IGALA WHO’S WHO MERITORIOUS AWARD 2015” for his consistency & contribution to the promotion & development of Igala arts, culture & entertainment, raising music from Igala land to globally accepted standard & being an icon of Northern Nigerian music.
JFO’s song ODU IGALA is still trending as the highest downloaded song in an indigenous language from northern Nigeria.
The board of trustees of IGALA WHO’S WHO presents the award annually to distinguished & deserving Igala citizens who are worthy in their various fields.‎

Quiet a few weeks after,JFO also clocked 25 years on stage,and in commemoration, the artiste was  celebrated by the Kogi entertainment community on Tuesday 8th September 2015 at the arts council lokoja by 10am.

The Akoya Media team caught up with him on this brief interview, read on…

May we meet you

My name is Baba james-fredrick Ojonugwa…. Popularly called baba Ojonugwa or JFO in the entertainment sector. I am a total performing artiste.

How did you come into music ?

I started music in 1988 but in 1989/90 I began practicing professionally that is getting paid for performances. I started the group black universe alongside innocent tuface idibia, john attah Abah & Victor tsetim during our secondary school days in Mount saint Gabriel school makurdi. Austin black face ahmedu was a dancer with us back then.

What is your Brand of music ?

 My music is eclectic but with a reggae & afro tilt,

What inspired your passion ?

The happenings around my environment inspire me

The people you started with, are they still your friends ?

Yes we are all still very good friends & still in touch, we all celebrated our silver jubilee on stage recently.

How do you feel 25 years on stage ?

 I feel I still have a lot to do for so much is expected of me from family, friends, fans & young ones I am mentoring..

What is your overview of the music industry presently

The music industry in Nigeria is getting there…but still very unappreciated, our artiste are not targeting the global audience , the Grammy etc.

Are you satisfied with the role of Government in the music industry

The government hasn’t been fair to the industry, the enabling environment hasn’t been created yet..whatever has been achieved is a result of the resilient spirit of the Nigerian artiste.

What is your philosophy of life

my philosophy is the Jesuit philosophy of love which the rastas preach too…one love to each and everyone …do good to all and see good come back to you.
Who is your role model

Jesus Christ is my role model.

Can you recount the saddest moment of your life and possibly the happiest

 I’ve never been sad in my life cos I project a positive vibration which turns every sadness to greater happiness..

What vision do you have for the music industry in kogi state and Nigeria in general.

I wish for a time the government will create the right environment for creativity to strive & a kogi act will win the Grammy.

What is your message to your fans

To my fans I say keep believing & I promise never to let you down….jfo say so….

Thank you for believing.


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