INTERVIEW : Amanda Ebeye lets xpress africa into her world,read.


 Well i most start off by saying our Oct/Nov edition has been a successful one with Amanda Ebeye gracing the page,she did it so effortlessly and she is a good person to be with.

As usual we had an up close interview with her and rather than the normal news making the rounds that clinic matters was her best movie,she had a different view to that,she talks about L.I.F.E(Love, and entertainment),grab a seat and read to the latter because we are about to take you to her world.

 Who do we have here?? The sexy, snazzy and sultry queen? For formality sakes can we know you more? (Introduction)

My name is Amanda Ebeye, an actress from a family of 4 girls and 1 boy. My dad is a biomedical engineer while my mum is a fashion designer and cosmetologist.

Ok ,from what we know you are an actress. When did you start acting?

Started acting in 2008

How many movies have u acted?
And which was the first?

Lol I honestly don’t know how many, Shame on me

My first movie was weeping tiger, produced and directed by valucci

If I have to take you out for a meal,what will you order for?

I would order for rice, beans and plantain

Which movie blew your career?

That movie would be government babes

Role model?

My mum

People  see you as been controversial in your movies,do you just love those roles or is it part of the job?

Just doing my job. Not like I love the roles, as a matter of fact I don’t like such roles

What is your most memorable moment?

Hmmmmmmm, maybe when I got my first role ever in d movie weeping tiger

We noticed you love fashion and good clothes, Any plans to open a clothing line??

I doubt, it’s really not my line. For now I have plans to open a production someday first before any other thing

What are your fears?


Ding Dong,who is the man in your life??

None for now

If you had Alex Ekubo,Frank Artus
And Majid Micheal,who would you kiss ,go out on a date with and get married to,(if proposed*)

I would kiss Majid, go on a date with Alex Ekubo and I’ll marry Frank Artus

What do u hope to achieve as an actress and any awards so far?

I hope to achieve a lot, I hope to be a role model to young girls so they can see that hard work pays, you don’t have to sleep, smoke or drink to get there. I need d work to see me, love what I do and accept what I do

I’ve had nominations, but I won the terracotta award for best supporting actress. I’m praying for more wins to come

What will you tell those aspiring to be like you and your fans out there?

I’ll tell them to work on their craft, improve their act. Get an education cause that’s very important, education Is empowerment so it’s mandatory for any one that wants to be successful. Then they should pray. So God will grant them victory, give them the spirit of patience and humility. These are the tools they need to get there, it doesn’t matter how long but they would get there.

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