Instagram Blogger Blessing Okoro narrates that 85% Of Nigeria Women Are Runs Girls


Instagram blogger and occasional relationship expert, Blessing Okoro has made a bold assertion in a new video on Instagram, saying the majority of women in Nigeria are Run Girls. Wondering what a Runs Girl means? It’s a local slang used to refer to a girl who likes to hang out, party and most times have sexual relationships with different men for money and other benefits. They don’t associate themselves with broke men. In Blessing opinion, Runs Girls are deeply affected by their mindset. She said that the driving force in Runs girls is their persistent inclination to use their bodies to get what they want.

She said: “A Runs Girl will always be a Runs Girl! Runs is not the number of men you have slept with, runs is that belief that you can always sleep with a man and get anything… Runs girl is that girl who believes her body is a money-making machine, she will always use it.

“They already have this mindset that the easiest way for me is to sleep with a man. The problem is not with the men they are sleeping with, but they already have this mindset that they are sleeping for money. “The only thing that can make a Runs girl to change is when she has not seen an opportunity to do that thing that she has always done. Even a rich man’s wife is a Runs girl. Even if you are married to Dangote and you are a Runs girl, the moment a Bill Gates winks his eyes at you, you will sleep with Bill Gates. “That is the spirit of Run Girls, it hardly goes. So, it is not even about the physical it is about the physical and the spiritual. 85 percent of women are runs girl. They don’t have brains. “A runs girl will sleep with another man to get her husband a job. A run girl sees her body as an object and as a power, a tool to get anything. They have been damaged from the inside and down to their soul. It takes only the grace of God to change a runs girl.

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