Igala Lagos Party Celebrates Chief Edward Onoja


The name; Edward Onoja is a household name in the political arena.
Chief Edward Onoja a former banker ,has a deep presence in political
structure of Kogi State.
Apart from the Late Prince Abubakar audu of blessed memory, chief Edward
Onoja has risen to become more popular,influential,powerful than past and
present political heavyweights in the state, including the past Governors
from Kogi east senatorial zone.
As chief of staff to the state government.Despite all odds, chief Edward
Onoja was able to stabilize the political tensions in Kogi east and the
state at large. He also contributed immensely to the growth and development
of the state.
Chief Edward Onoja was able to maintain a 100% loyalty to the first ever
Governor from a minority group in the state. He expressed his loyalty
privately and publicly. As he said in one of his speeches “my loyalty is
not for personal gains.But for the progress of the state’ Thank God the
only noise we hear from the enemies of our state is that;their government
don’t pay salaries. Yes ; we feel the pain of the people.But the government
had no other option because when they came in there was so much corruption
in the civil service,billions had been paid to ghost workers, people
getting paid without working. They had to apply the screening exercise to
fix that issue and we got positive results after the screening exercise.
soon the issue of salary payment will be a thing of the past,everyone will
be paid every dime owed and salaries will be paid in due time”

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Currently he is in control of over 60% political structure of Kogi east.
Chief Edward Onoja is a God fearing Christian,intelligent,humble,honest and
compassionate individual.
There is no doubt that his political relevance is unbeatable and we
believe that there are greater things things to come the in the future
concerning him. He is just beginning.
As a father and mentor to many,we shall be celebrating Chief Edward Onoja

Igala Lagos Party scheduled to take place

Dec 1st @ National Art
Theatre, iganmu Lagos

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