I took my health for granted – Singer, Eedris Abdulkareem opens up

The renowned Nigerian rapper and advocate Eedris Abdulkareem has spoken about overcoming kidney failure. The seasoned performer praised his wife Yetunde for donating her kidney to make his surgery a success after undergoing a successful kidney transplant. The rapper revealed that he developed kidney problems as a result of taking his health for granted in his new song, “Thank You.”

He claimed that when he began to notice signs that his health was deteriorating, he did not go for routine check-ups. Abdulkareem revealed that at first, fear and anxiety gripped his heart when he was first told that his kidney had failed in a new video that is currently trending on social media platforms. He also said that his wife saved his life. He reiterated that he had known for a while that he had taken his body for granted because he hadn’t been in for routine checkups.

The rapper recalled that when he learned that his kidney had failed, he began to worry about his children and wife and believed the end was near. However, his wife Yetunde encouraged him to concentrate on his dialysis while he prayed to God for mercy. After seeking advice from several friends who had experienced the same kidney issue, Abdulkareem claimed to have made his way to St. Nicholas Hospital, where he met some of Nigeria’s top medical professionals who gave him reassurance that everything would be fine.

The “Thank You” single, which was released on Wednesday, has been trending on social media sites as many of the rapper’s fans expressed happiness at his return to the music industry after a brief hiatus.



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