How To Start A Service Arbitrage (Drop Servicing) In Nigeria 2022

The practice of service arbitrage on contrary, does not buy and sell items. Instead, you’ll be selling services at a profit. The trade can be made through obtaining a client and then outsourcing the work for cheaper rates to freelancers. Although the idea is simple to comprehend, this work isn’t an option for all. It requires patience experience, knowledge, and abilities to be successful in this field.

For the majority of freelancers the concept of service arbitrage is an opportunity to earn passive income. To simplify the process and to illustrate the process, we’ll look at an example of web development. As a middleman, you need to establish an account on the freelancing websites. Find a customer who requires an online presence and take advantage of the chance. The next step is to find someone to take on the job at a cheaper cost. Once the task is completed it is your responsibility to send the website’s files to your client, collect the money, and then pay the freelancer who collaborated together with you.

Who do you think the Service Arbitrage for? It is for people who have real-world jobs and do not have the skills that they can sell on the internet. For certain freelancers, this could be their method of obtaining many more positions, even if they’re not able to take on additional tasks and responsibility. Arbitrage possibilities could also be beneficial to those who have just begun freelance work and have accumulated experiences.



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