How to protect your AdSense account from Invalid Clicks/Activities.

You think Loosing your AdSense is April fool or some other pranks ? this is real, and the truth of all is that your AdSense account is in danger.

We have heard of many bloggers complained bitterly of lost AdSense account ,and the main reason behind them is mainly invalid activities/clicks

Sadly enough Zac Johnson lost his 10years old AdSense account in the hands of invalid clicks and invalid activities. In addition to the heart touching AdSense stories Theodore also lost his AdSense account in the same unexpected manners,you can read his story here

It’s highly recommended that every AdSense publisher should be very careful when using AdSense as a means of Monetisation, especially when it’s the only source of income from your website trust me you will reduce in height and weight when you lost your only income source lol….. I wouldn’t want this to happen to you so i have written this article to guide, help and secure your AdSense till call to glory.

How to Know which Country Invalid Clicks are coming from

AdSense hate invalid clicks and any attempt of invalid clicks on your AdSense may lead to loosing your AdSense account. so follow below steps to know where and how to track invalid clicks from your AdSense dashboard.

Login Your AdSense account and click on Over view this month

From the upper right corner, select today’s date

Click on Countries From the left sidebar

Now carefully checkout the no. of clicks in front of each Country name.

If you see any country that has gotten some clicks with extremely low CPC then you should know your AdSense is in Danger.

How to Protect your AdSense account

Immediately you see any invalid activity source on your dashboard, the best thing to do is to figure out the IP from which the invalid clicks/activities are coming from then block the IP address to ensure they don’t see your ads.

But if you are unable to find such IP address, you can stop displaying ads on your website for some days or weeks. prevention is better and cheaper than cure as they said. You may loose some $$$ but it will be better to loose some $$ than to loose your AdSense forever which sounds bitter to every blogger.

Here are some Questions you may want to ask about AdSense with their answers

  • I lost my AdSense Account due to invalid activity on my account, what to do ?When Google takes AdSense away then they always mentions the reason behind it, so you need to ensure that it will not happen again in future and after that you can fill Appeal form provided by the Google to claim your AdSense account back, but don’t go for appeal form in hurry first of all you must take care of point they mentioned in their mail.
  • I filled Appeal form, will I get Adsense back ?Well nobody can say Yes for this question, it’s all depend on Google, if they realize that you have done
    good business with them in previous time then there are some hope you will get your AdSense back, but not sure for anyone.
  • I filled Appeal form but no reply, what to do ? You cannot do anything for this, all we can do is that we can fill Appeal form then Google will reply you back after taking their time, sometimes they takes 2-3 days for reply back. When I applied for AdSense back by `Appeal form` they rejected again, now what.This is sad but ! even after they refused to give your AdSense back to you, if you work on your blog continuously for some months and you write valuable and original content then there are chances to have AdSense again on your blog, one of my friend have experienced it.
  • Even after many try Google isn’t giving me AdSense back, now what to do ?In this annoying situation you have some other ways to get income from your blog for that you can check
    this ` Ways to Make Money without AdSense`. If you don’t wanna go for it then you can think of another idea which is, you make another blog then apply for AdSense for that new blog and when you get AdSense for it you can use that AdSense account Ads on your both blogs the new one and old too.Hope You find this Article on how to protect your AdSense account from invalid activities useful? please share with your friends and also comment below to share your ideas and experience as we prepare more articles @(Iwonpopular.Com.Ng)…..


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