How To Play With Nesting Dolls


How To Play With Nesting Dolls A set of matryoshkas is an excellent game in development for a small child. The matriochkas can be considered, compared in size, play with them in their daughters-mothers, in a shop and even organize theatrical performances. Playing a toddler usually shows an adult, which means that the parent or educator must first learn to play with such toys. Nestingdolls.co will be more helpful to know about matriochkas. 

With dolls, you can play a scene 

You will need 

• a set of matryoshkas; 

• building material of different sizes;

 • a decor for the game


1) In the shops you can meet a variety of sets of nesting dolls. They can consist of 3, 5, 7, 10, 12 colored pupae. For a very small child enough and a set of 3-5 matryoshkas. Show the baby how to get it. 

 2) Arrange the matriochkas in a random order. Teach your baby to compare them in size. Arrange the matryoshkas for growth. At this point, the child can master the concepts of “higher – inferior”, “plus – minus”, “larger – smaller”. The first will be the largest nesting doll, then the smallest. The last of the line is the smallest. Explain that you need to collect pupae in order – the smallest to put in a nesting doll closer and closer, then this matryoshka – in the one that is even more. 

 3) The child will easily learn to count the matriochkas. They are similar in appearance, but at the same time differ from each other, so that the child can easily remember which matrioshka he has already counted, and which one again. At first, the child will touch each pupa, naming a number. It is better to learn to count by placing matryoshkas in a row. 

 4) Build for nesting dolls. Fine, if there are cubes and prisms of different sizes. You can choose a kit for each Pupa. Nothing prevents them from making room for them – for example, on a shelf. Each matryoshka can have a bed and a table. If there are many cubes, build a city for matryoshka. 

 5) Teach your child to play with his mother’s daughters. The biggest matryoshka is my mother, she has many children. For the first time, you can take the role of mom to show you the basic actions of the game. Nesting dolls can sleep, eat, drive, drive.

 6) Organize a theatrical performance. You can make a sketch especially for nesting dolls. But nothing prevents the use of other toys. Choose the right tale. You can play the stage and with the musical accompaniment – after all, you have a whole choir. Nesting dolls can and dance dances. For the performance, most likely you will need the landscape. They can be made from cardboard and colored paper. The decorations for theater toys need the simplest – trees, a house, flowers, a fence. Just keep in mind that they should be well on both sides and stay firmly on the table. Instead of decorations from a cardboard, it is possible to use cubes or a lego.

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