How to Add The Feedburner Subscription form to your Website

After Creating Your Website, Blog, or other online information contained platforms, The first thing if not the most essential, is to create and build Email list Subscribers.

Every blogger and online entrepreneur have the sole aim of generating traffic to their various businesses and one of the best ways of doing this is by building email list .

Email subscribers will not only increase your traffic but will increase the count of your returning visitors and also increase sales from your sake pages. With an active email sub. You can drive traffic to any web niche e.g Tech, HowTos, Health, entertainment and downloads, etc. therefore I will say it’s very important and must that every blogger should start building email list right away.

In the online web today there are lot of Email list building platforms some are paid while others are free . you can even get email list builder for as low as 10$ per month.

One of the main reason while many ignore building list is simply because it’s expensive and time consuming, but i can boldly say an organization without email list cannot succeed or may find it more difficult even if they succeed in their business.

There are many free Email List builders, if you cannot afford to spend on building lists e.g the Ymlp,Which i have personally used and tested and have rated “good”


In this Article am going to recommend FEEDBURNER EMAIL subscriber options which is Google own email list builder. It’s free and stress free.

Here is how it works! After registering on feedburner with your gmail address, You will be given two options to collect your subscribers which are either by the sub.Link or Sub Form. both do the same function

after adding the feedburner subscription link or from to your website , any new subscriber will be accounted under your list. You can’t send them messages manually just like other paid builders does but whenever you create new article, they will be immediately notified right in their inbox. You can be updating your articles on regular basis and they will keep getting notification from your blog as far as they are among your subscribers.

Are you finding it difficult getting a better free email list builder , then Feedburner is the right option. see below guide on how to add feedburner Subscription form to your website wither blogger, WordPress, or even wapka hosted website or other WAP sites.

How to Add The Feedburner Subscription form to your Website

The first step is to create a feedburner
account for your blog. Feedburner is now
one of the tools that Google offers, so if you have a Google account, you can log in, click the feedburner icon under your account settings

From the next page , fill in your website address:

(If your blog is hosted on my server, the
address would be [blog-address]/index.php/feed/rss/

So my blog feed URL or address, for
example, is )

If it’s normal website, you can simply add your usual URL e.g

Once you’ve burned your feed with
feedburner, you click on the name of the
feed, and then click on the publicize tab.

And then click on the email subscriptions
link in the left hand menu

You then need to activate that service by
clicking on the activate button.

Once you’ve activated the email
subscriptions, feedburner gives you the
embed code for the opt in form that will let visitors subscribe to your blog and have it arrive in their email inbox.

Highlight and copy all of the code, and then you can paste it into a blog post or a text widget on your blog website.

Tips for Building email Lists

  • Add the subscription form In the middle ,beginning , and at the end of your articles and every other pages.
  • Share your subscription Link on forums and social medias
  • Run Facebook Ads to your Subscription page
  • Share unique articles that will force your readers to subscribe,
  • Tell them to subscribe on your blog, Convince them you have something unique to share via email………………E.T.C

CONCLUSION: With the easy tips shared in the above inscription, you can now add the Feedburner subscription form to your blog/website. You have also learnt some few important tips on how to grow your email list subscribers easily.

What Next: Make haste in putting to practice all that you have learnt and see what outcome it generate. Don’t forget to subscribe to our email list, Share us on social medias and also comment in our comment section…. say your mind.


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