Hire a UX Designer: The 2021 Recruitment Guide



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Hire a UX Designer: The 2021 Recruitment Guide

Looking to hire a UX Designer in 2021? The current market seems as ever-changing as it was a few years ago, the change in the economy and public activities changed the demand of several workforce fields. It led to countless job loss globally and shifting workplace stations to the confines of their home. The process of hiring is simple as it is, but now finding the right candidate is tougher due to the array options they do have with looking for employers as well.

Business owners who has recently expanded their business to online platforms need to have a competent UX designer to help fully optimize their business websites. In large search engines such as Google, an optimized website has a higher probability to land under higher ranks, this rank directly determines the amount of exposer and brand visibility your website gets on a timely basis- whenever there is an update on the SEO algorithm. This is another reason why business organisations and companies work hard on polishing their website on both interior systems and exterior designs.

There are different candidate pools of UX designers, many business owners get more info about hire top ux designer through personal contacts, dedicated research, online job profiles and other referrals, this is one of the many ways how expert recruiters filter out the ones they need and don’t need. It’s important to know there are different levels of professionals in UX design—beginners, freelancers, experienced and full time. Each category of candidates have individual work habits and lifestyle, work experience it’s the job of the recruit or the business owner to see which category fits their work schedules, needs and demands.

To make sure you start off without a hitch, look forward to the mentioned points as a guideline to finding the right UX designer

Pick and Choose Your Talent Pool

I have mentioned that there are different types of UX services according to their job category, here is a quick overview of the most used approaches to new ones too,

Freelance UX Designer

We’ve all heard of the word ‘freelance’ before, the individual may not be working under any professional organisation and they assist their clients with their skills in turn for perks and payment for the cost. Today, there are many freelancers emerging from business sectors as a form of side hustle or making easy money in the sidelines. So, hiring a freelancer should be considered if your requirements aren’t super specific and limited. To make things clearer check out the pros and cons of hiring freelancers who work on UX Design,


  • As compared to full-time workers, freelancers are more of a cost effective option
  • They usually go by hourly rates that range according to the location and country
  • You only pay for the hours worked for so, you don’t need to worry about incomplete work
  • As freelancers are available anywhere in the world and the use of UX Design is never at a loss recruiters get easy access to specialized skills
  • Hiring a freelance UX designer right off the bat is possible because their work schedule is flexible and can work on short notices


  • Because freelancing is a sideline money-making source, many of the freelancers may not be responsive, show up on time, and deliver quality work. Although this doesn’t speak for all the freelancers, it’s important to keep in mind the possibility
  • As remote work is simple and accessible, the same can’t be said when it comes to communication, especially if you hired a freelancer from a farther away country.

UX Design Agency

Hiring an agency in its own means you have a flexible budget, since agencies offer services to their clients in teams, the quality of work delivers and since it’s a serious line of business, professionalism is present.


  • Professional relationships are vital to the success of a business plan. Agencies that have experienced UX Designers is a higher benefit because they are aware of the market and what it’s demands are
  • Range of talents are available to attract more diverse sets of clients
  • Timelines are set and deadlines are met with final deliveries
  • Final deliveries are quality work


  • This option isn’t cost effective
  • Why? Because agencies use resources from their end to deliver quality work and content

In-House UX Designer

This option is for business owners looking for convenient businesss processes however, hiring an In-house UX Designer comes with its hassles,


  • You get to interact and work on the project alongside in-house hires. They help familiarise with your audience, product and end users
  • Equips you with a long-term operations


  • The limited skills, it’s one of the drawbacks of hiring an in-house UX designer. They have specific areas of expertise.
  • High cost even for hiring average In-house UX Designers

Filter Out a Designer

Once the tough part is over, you simply need to choose a UX designer from the type of service you have chosen. Finding a UX Designer can be through,

  • Targeted outreach, where you refer to associates for recommendations. You can check our professional websites such as LinkedIn because it has the most users since it entered the market
  • Online community forums are ever popular with robust interactions and engagements for UX designers from all over the internet
  • Job search engines such as Job Boards help you filter and find matching candidates


Once you’ve chosen the UX designer to work with your website. It’s time to put their practical skills to test. A sought after method is interviews and trial procedures but before getting into evaluation make a layout of objectives that candidates should fulfil

  • Give an overview of the project
  • Evaluate hard and soft skills
  • Test UX designers under trial


Common mistakes to avoid would be merging several roles, prioritising specific skills, giving too much credit on a UX Portfolio and so on. Hiring a new worker—part time or full time can be a challenge. So get more info about hire top ux designer.

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