Here is the Highpoint of Godswill Akpabio and The National Assembly Scandal


 Here is the Highpoint of Godswill Akpabio and The National Assembly Scandal

The Nigeria political arena is filled with different happenings as the day passes by. We have heard of various scandals over time, ranging from the Executive arm of the government down to even the contractors. Still, the current scandals that are trendiest in Nigeria today are the Minister for Niger Delta Affairs and the current national assembly members.

You might have heard a brief of the scandal, but here we shall give you full information, who harvested the yam, those that peel and those that prepare it for eating will be discussed as you read along. Here are the blockbusters from the Probe

·       NDDC Acting MD, Prof. Pondei Slumps and people took these actions for pretense

·       House of assembly members was accused of being the majority beneficiaries of the NDDC contracts.

Godswill Akpabio and The National Assembly Scandal

What happened was after a brief section with Seun Okinbaloye of Channel TV, which brought some personalities on air to discuss what was happening to the Niger Delta and many other contracts that have been awarded by this body. Lots of secrets and information were let loose, leading to an open panel by the house of Assembly members to probe into the NDDC minister and all of their budgets and spending.

Akpabio responding to the Probe, which was against him and the Interim Management Committee of the NDDC, said most of the awarded and approved contracts are being carried out by the house of assembly members, which let the cork holing everyone’s mouth open. One is to wonder when the government started the game of writing the budget for himself, approved by himself, then awarded such contracts for himself. This left lot of noise and controversies in many Nigerians’ minds, which was one of the shocking information anyone may get.

Akpabio responded to the proposed closing down of the NDDC owing to the security implication of this act on the region. He said those who have in one way or the other carry put a task for the commission should be paid in his course on buttressing his point, he said the majority of the beneficiaries of these contracts were the house of assembly members is that not shocking?

You may have asked me what was more interesting in all of this saga. I will tell you it was the Acting MD of NDDC pretending to Slump to elude a vital question that was thrown to him on how there was extra-budgetary expenditure by the commission under his watch.

It will interest you to know that the same Prof. who pretended to slump had earlier walk out of the committee that was led by Tunji Ojo accusing the lawmakers of having lacked moral grounds to chair the same panel.

But the whole atmosphere changed when questions like how he spent over 51 billion over the last year, how he has spent some money without approval from the national assembly, how there were depleted facilities and many other things that needed to be done were not touched at all, then the course change and the dear professor started developing unknown sickness that has no name up till moment.

Many CSOs were quizzed, and they were all found indicted. There are lots of missing funds and many unapproved works that were done. Before Pondei slumps, in one of his responses, he said, of a fact, payments were approved for the NDDC headquarters, but he said he has no information as regard payment that was made for Lassa Fever treatment. Furthering his statement, he told the sum of 38.6 billion was also made for different projects before the house decided to probe into the NDDC affairs.

Another honorable asked Prof if there was a correlation between 1.9 billion payments for COVID-19 palliatives and 2019 budget and responded by saying what was expended was 1.32 billion. Evidence of cash for most of the expenditure made by the body was asked to be tender to back up their stand, and all the Prof could say is I will provide answers because I do not want to lie under oath.


That is just the tip we could manage to give you from the whole saga that happens.

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