Heartbreaking pics from the war between Israel & Palestine




The war between Israel and Palestine has entered Day 28 and what’s happening there is sickening. Over half a million people in Gaza city have been rendered homeless with 270,000 crammed into 90 crowded UN shelters, some of which have had no running water and electricity. At least 1,700 Palestinians have been killed while 69 Israelis have been killed. Shelters full of children in Gaza have been bombed, medical supplies have run out, many hospitals damaged and medics are unable to go to work. Many UN facilities sheltering displayed Palestinians, especially women and children have been hit, killing so many little children in the city.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been going on for decades but this particular one started on July 17th after Gaza attacked Israel with rockets following failed peace negotiations. Israel replied with both air and ground invasion of Gaza City….and the world is just watching.

Above is a new born baby – with hospital tags still attached – wounded by shrapnel. The baby who already lost his mother, died two days after this photo was taken…Continue…

A medic stands among bodies yesterday which were placed hastily in a walk-in vegetable fridge in Rafah, Gaza.
A Palestinian relative stands in the fridge among the mass of bodies, which were bound up in blood-stained white sheets after Israeli strikes

A Palestinian man runs with an injured child after the Israeli military strike on a UN school in Rafah this morning

Palestinians aid people injured this morning in another Israeli attack, reportedly on a UN school in Rafah, southern Gaza, where 3,000 people were sheltering. Reuters reported the attack was on the entrance of the school itself, while the Associated Press wrote that it hit people who were queuing for food handouts nearby

A Palestinian man runs in the street with an injured child after the reported Israeli military strike on a UN school in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip
Palestinians react as wounded and dead people lie on the ground following what witnesses said was an Israeli air strike at a UN-run school in Rafah

Palestinians carry the body of a girl who was found this morning under the rubble of a house where at least nine members of the al-Ghol family died in Rafah
A wounded boy cries under the rubble of the house in Rafah which was destroyed in a reported airstrike yesterday, killing at least nine members of the same family
A relative carries the body of one of the nine members of the al-Ghol family who were killed in a strike early today in Rafah, southern Gaza
A paramedic wails as he carries the body of a baby after an Israeli air strike hit the Al Ghoul family building in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip


The family’s bodies were lined up in the back of a cooler truck at first because the hospital’s morgue was full in Rafah, a town in Gaza which has been repeatedly hit
Some children’s bodies from the al-Ghol family, which lost nine members were crammed into a freezer because there was no room for them in the morgue of Rafah


A woman cried as she carried a baby from the family during funeral rites in Rafah


A man carries a dead girl from the UN school in Rafah, which was hit by an airstrike yesterday as the number of people in 90 UN-run shelters neared 270,000


The gates of the UN school in Rafah. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said last night: ‘The attack is yet another gross violation of international humanitarian law. United Nations shelters must be safe zones not combat zones. The Israel Defence Forces have been repeatedly informed of the location of these sites’


Rescue workers search for victims after this home in Rafah was destroyed in an Israeli air strike
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