Going On a First Date? Here Are Tips On What To Wear!


Going On a First Date? Here Are Tips On What To Wear!

Going On a First Date? Here Are Tips On What To Wear!

You have finally agreed to go on a date with this guy who has been pestering you for a while now at an exquisite fun hub like Epe Resort. You are excited and feel the butterflies in your tummy. Of course, you hope things work out this time as you don’t want it to go the way of your past relationships.

For many ladies, their main concern is what to wear for the date. Your very instinct is to look good. And again, you want to excite him with your appearance without necessarily giving too much away. If you are going on a first date soon, we shares tips on what to wear.

Stick to your personal style

The rule of thumb to dress for a first date is never to experiment with newest trends. These trends may probably not work for you at that very moment. But if you are confident that you can pull it off, go ahead. To be on a safer side, stick to your personal style. Importantly, do not step down your style because of a stranger.

Look sexy but…

Girls like to look good and sexy. But on a first date, this should perhaps be the last thing on your mind. Definitely, you don’t want to bear it all and ‘distract’ him. You can still look sexy by taking advantage of accessories like earrings, a piece of necklace and other casual accessories.


Most women’s wardrobe malfunction is often as a result of the attire being too tight and very uncomfortable. This is the last thing you want to happen especially when you are hanging out with someone you are just getting to know. So, always remember, if you feel the attire is too tight, the best option is to change to avoid any embarrassment.

Wear your favourite attire

In your closet, there is usually this particular or magical attire that radiates your beauty and makes you look dashing. That is what you should pick for your first date. Notwithstanding, ensure that it is comfortable and not too revealing. It is your first date and you want to give a good impression of yourself.

Stressing out too much

You shouldn’t stress too much about your first date. Yes, you can’t wait to meet this amazing and pleasant man. It is not a big deal. The man may not even be too keen on your appearance. He just wants to spend quality time with you. Hence, don’t sweat it.

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