God Boy – Set Me Free (Prod. by 3Shells) | @DDDGB


It has been my desire to know God…May be more you would say. This
song came as an expression of deep Hunger to know God for myself and
beyond the testimony of others. I desired and still desire a deeper
relationship with God. But like in most things and in most cases,
there are shackles on every hand and feet inform of habits, addictions
and at times fleshy desires.
I spoke to God in prayer in February, this song came in a deep Worship
session and as I asked the Lord to Set Me Free from these limitations.
He is always there, He knows my heart and so is aware of my deepest
thoughts at all times.
You will find God in this song, especially if you would, like Paul,
desire to know Him, like Godboy ask for a deeper walk with Him then
you would be asking Him to Heal your heart and cause the Anointing to
do a final cleansing. You won’t easily be able to come out of this
deep prayer (WORSHIP) because Set Me free…Is not just the sinner’s
prayer or the bonded that need deliverance but it is a prayer in every
heart whose utmost desire is to know the Lord more. Ladies and Gentle
men, in preparation for my birthday on the 31st I  give you as the
Lord gave me…Set Me Free.



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