Go get a Life Ogbeni Tunde Ednut!!!


I am still finding it difficult to understand what is truly wrong with Ogbeni Tunde Ednut. Tunde happens to be someone I used to respect so much and I think some part of me still do because whether we like it or not, he has been able to carve a niche for himself in the Naija music industry even though he is not as relevant as he used to be before. Well, he is still balling…
Lately, he has been in the news or should I say lately, he has been known for his social media attacks on virtually everyone he finds vulnerable for social media trend. Thanks to his dead Career.
His recent victim is Nina who happens to be one of BBN (double wahala) five finalist. Tunde posted a blurry video of Nina where she was seen thanking her fans for bringing her far at this just concluded TV show on Instagram with the caption “Nina, stop using android.”
Who cares if Nina is using an android phone? I keep wondering what could be Tunde’s problem with that? Joblessness I guess.
This is not the first time Tunde is coming for celebrities. Sometime ago, he had issues with Bobrisky. Even now, Tonto Dikeh has also fall his victim for challenging his attack on Nina.
I think Tunde Ednut should rather focus on his dying or dead career instead of trying to bring other people down just because he wants to remain relevant in the industry by been controversial. The last time I checked, jingle bell was his last hit and that was around 2011.Though he did a remix in 2015.
Bros, this is 2018 get something done and if you have something that is fetching you money, concentrate more on it as it could fetch you more money. Stop messing with other people’s life and Career Ogbeni.
Abo oro la n so fun omo luabi….
By: Akinremi Abdul Raheem (@iamunclerahiiim)
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