How to Get a Music Marketer That Pays Well

Often times when artists are done with the recording of their music, the next thing that comes to their mind is how to find or get a marketer.
The essence of making music is to finally come to a point where you will offer it to the market profitably. Isn’t it? And this is the place where the role of a marketer comes into play. Before I discuss how to get a marketer, I will first of all want us to understand the role of a marketer and how they operate based on Nigerian concept.
There are two main roles. One is the role of distribution and marketing. The other is distribution only. I will explain the two. Let me begin with the last; the role of distribution only.
Here, the role of the marketer is limited to distributing the music to the established music marketing links for sale, nothing more nothing less. When a marketer is doing a distribution work for an artist, the marketer will not in any way invest his money in the music. Every marketing expenses; promotions, printing of jackets and cds are primarily and wholly undertaken by the artist or his sponsor. Under this arrangement, the distribution marketer undertakes the sole responsibility of distributing the music to various market outlets and consequently account for sales to the artist or his sponsor depending on their arrangement. Now let’s get it clearly. The distribution marketer under distribution arrangement only, does not invest his money in the music at all. The artist or his sponsor does that. Have you got it?
Now let’s look at their role of both marketing and distribution. Here the marketer undertakes a partial or full responsibility of the marketing expenses as well as distribution of the music. If it is partial, what it means is that the expenses will be shared between the marketer and the artist or his sponsor in an agreeable percentage.
Let us now understand how artists are been paid by their music marketers. This also is dependent on mutual agreement between the artist and the marketer. If the marketer is doing distribution work only, the marketer would be only entitled to an agree fraction of profit per sale. The rest goes to the artist and or his sponsor.
Another arrangement is where the marketer would make an outright payment to the artist. By this, he pays an agreed substantial amount to the artist after which the artist would have no other entitlement from the sale of his music.
Another is where the artist is paid a percentage of the profit of sales per copy sold. No matter what the payment criterion is, is dependent on mutual arrangement between the artist and the marketer.
Now to answer the question on how to get a marketer for your music marketing, I think the answer is dependent on what the role of the marketer would be. To get a marketer who would do the distribution job alone is much easier than to get one who will be willing to finance the marketing budget of your album. If what you need is for distribution alone, then you can walk into the office of any marketer of your choice and negotiate things with him. Once your offer is fair to him, consider the deal sealed.
But if you want a marketer who will do the marketing financing and distribution, I guess that’s where the issue comes up especially for up coming artists. Do you know why? These marketers are all business men whose aim is to maximize profit with a very minimal risk. The never want to risk their capital on any unknown or new artist. They are purely business men and not music philanthropists. It is so sad for upcoming musicians that so many things are working against them in the industry. The truth is that there is nothing anyone can presently do about it.
Nevertheless, the case is never hopeless. If you are an upcoming artist, you can still manage to get yourself a marketer to take care of your album marketing and distribution. The point I am making is that it is not that easy but not impossible.
Now here are the factors I consider will increase your chances of getting marketers attracted to your music album;
1. One of the easiest ways of getting a marketer is by becoming a very close relative of the marketer. If you have a father, a brother, an uncle or a cousin who is a marketer, I guess your chances have marvelously increased that you will get a marketer.
2. Having a good number of wonderful and commercial tracks in your album will increase your chances of getting them interested. These men are into music marketing and know it when they hear songs with great marketing potential. They are likely to become interested when your album promises to make a return on their investment.
3. Get connected; the music industry is an industry where who you know matters so much. Connection is the most significant factor which will almost get you anything in the industry. So, try as much as you can to identify with those that mattered in the industry. Pay the price no matter what. It often worth it. Their recommendation may just be all that you need.
4. You can influence marketers by influencing those who are capable of influencing them. It may be a wife, a son or daughter. It maybe his manager or secretary or even a close friend.
5. Get lucky. If you are one of those little few who get’s by in life putting in very little effort, it is very possible your luck will see you through. So why not give it a try?
6. The most proven way to way to getting a marketer attracted to your album is to promote it. Yes, promote it. Once your music begins to receive some degree of awareness and acceptability, they will come looking for you. This option works best in the favor of the artist. Naturally, they will pay more when they sought after you than when you sought after them.
7. This is one easiest way of getting a marketer. And that is to become your own marketer. This is an era where independent musicians have to do it by themselves or starve. So many people had done it profitably, so you too can. After all you are the only marketer who you can trust to give you a sincere account of sales of your music. So, if marketers keep turning you down, I guess it is time you get up and show them you can do it with or without them. Soon I will post on “How to Effectively Market your Music without a Marketer”
Finally, if you want to get a marketer, then get ready to be on the move always. Go on and talk to as many marketers as you possibly can. If anyone turns you down, leave and move straight to yet another. If he turns you down, keep moving and refuse to be discouraged. Don’t even mind checking back on those who turned down earlier. It takes gut to have such determination. But such determination often pays off. Do not give in to fear and feeling of rejection. I doubt if your music is good enough, and you devoted time to talk to hundred and one marketers, that everyone of them will turn you down. Get going, no marketer will locate you in your house. I will soon post my article on “100+ Music Marketers and their Contact Address” Check back for this.
NOTE: The first most important thing is to make sure your music album is of professional standard. The recording, the mixing and the mastering were professionally done. The vocals were perfectly okay. Your songs are beautiful and exciting. It would be able to compete in the highly competitive music market. Good luck!



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