Fresh Cookie Lab Is Demystifying Sexual Wellness


Ifediba Oluchi Anne is quickly becoming an internet phenomenon and every woman’s best friend with her advocacy for female sexual wellness. She is a highly trained Yoni Steam Facilitator and a Women’s Health Hormone Coach. She started her brand, Fresh Cookie Lab, to tackle the challenges facing young women across Nigeria.



Fresh Cookie Lab, founded in 2020, empowers females to look after their sexual well-being and understand that sometimes what works for some people might not work for others.



To make Fresh Cookie Lab achieve set objectives, Oluchi had had to make some audacious moves. Few months ago she started a conversation on sexual awareness when she released a statement on the number of sexual partners a female should have and the responses were traumatizing and vile.


“A sexual health advocator, especially in Nigeria where society thinks sexist a taboo, has to learn to be vulnerable and to understand that females can find strength in vulnerability because it is your deepest fear you are challenging. The good thing is once you challenge the vulnerability, the strength will definitely come. I had to challenge the attacks I got from the public. It just made me stronger and eager to help more females passing through this phase.”



According to Oluchi, the team behind Fresh Cookie Lab were passionate about improving the sexual health awareness of females. The company has a flagship product, Cookie Vitamins, that can cleanse women with yeast infections. Oluchi decried the fact that most females tend to ignore vaginal infections in the hope that it would go away on its own but this never happens. Instead it gets worse, causing inflammation and itching to the vaginal area which may lead to more problems.



“The well-being of our women and girls is my paramount concern. We will give them access to pertinent information and make an entire generation of women eager to embrace their sexuality.”



Sexual wellness is more than knowing about how to please your partner sexually. It is a way to rediscover yourself. It is a way to take absolute care of your inner being. It can accelerate the path of self-awareness for females, especially the inquisitive young ones who need guidance.




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