Freeze You Are So Childish


Okay, if I say I should keep quiet now, it will seem as if I don’t know what to say. All these drama that has been playing out between Freeze and his estranged wife, Ope, is becoming too much. Freeze you are so childish, I never knew it until today. I am not trying to take sides or support any of you, but from the way things are playing out, you seem to be the weaker person in your marriage.

You said Ope is adulterous and she beats you. Eyah, Pele, shame on you, say woman dey beat you, you still fit get hand type am. I would have loved her to just break that hand of yours so that you won’t even see the one to use to post pictures. Yeye…

According to what Ope said in the press release she gave out few days ago on the matter; she said she will continue praying for you and all you are just doing is to gain publicity. I believe her oh, forgive me, because from the rant you have been posting on social media, you obviously are looking for justification from whatever actions you must have done in the past or doing.

I just came across an interview that you granted on SDK’s blog. According to what you said, you are now in a new relationship and the person you are in a relationship with is much younger than you and you started dating her three to four months after Ope deserted your matrimonial home leaving you in depression. Biko, go and seat down, if you are depressed, you won’t go after another woman barely three months. You have been looking for an opportunity to cheat, but you didn’t get, then the best way is to look for silly excuses. Imagine, a man who has problem with his marriage, instead of looking for a way to amend broken ties if you truly valued that marriage. Your best option was to date another woman, not just any woman, a woman with four children.

You said Ope has destructive spirit. Ope you self what is wrong with you? You would have used that destructive spirit to scatter him more na. a woman with a destructive spirit will leave you penniless if you don’t know, but from what I see, you still have money to take care of another woman and her four children. Congrats on your new found job


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