Five Ways Your Mother Is Better Than Your Wife



“God cannot be everywhere, so he created Mothers”. – Anonymous.

OK. The females might get riled up with this article but if we all just take off the veil of our sentimental dispositions, we’d end up seeing that there’s a lot of truth in this.

There’s hardly any man that doesn’t have a soft spot for his mother. There are lots of reasons why some men love their mothers more than they can ever love their wives because if there’s anyone we can turn ourselves to no matter how old we are or where we are, that person is no other than our mothers.

Well, the truth is we would be spending the rest of our lives with our girlfriends and wives but there are a lot of reasons why our mothers still have a couple of things ahead of our wives. And at the end of this article, you’d probably agree that our mothers come right after the creator.

She Knows Much More Than Anyone Else

All men can relate to getting a psychological work up with just a single glance from their mothers. That understanding of your moods and emotional state is one that you can never get from any other woman except your mother. Instead of understanding your mood, your wife would rather chat about mundane things such as what girl you’re seeing and what colour of nail polish she should have on. That’s where the mothers got it. She will take her time to inspire and let you know things will turn out well. What makes it even better is that mothers are easier to open up to. Nothing beats that.


She Is Always Right

Whether it’s about the friends you choose, the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with or taking huge life decisions, mothers end up right most of the time. Our partners come from a different background and they don’t have the deep understanding our mothers have of us. We may not agree with our mothers choices but there comes a point where we evaluate things and we realise how right she has always been and will always be more than a life partner can ever be.

She Is The Best Cook You’d Ever Get

This may sound cliche, but no matter how much your spouse or wife tries, she’d never be able to cook better than your mother can. She groomed you with delicacies from a young age and understands perfectly how your sense of food and taste works. Try as she may, your spouse would never get close except she gets those needed tips from your mother.

Is it not amazing that the instinctive love for good food comes from your mother’s superb cooking? It’s one that most men would remember with nostalgia.


Selfless And Unconditional Love

The love your spouse has for you is mostly conditional ranging from your financial status, fame to the prospects you’ve got. A mother on the other hand has no care in the world what you have or who you are. She’d love you still. The love of a mother is unadulterated and comes in the purest form, which is so deep and genuine. A mother expects the happiness of her child more than anything else and no one (including your spouse) can ever do this for you.

Irrespective Of Our Age, We Would Still Be Our Mother’s ‘Child’

With spouses and wives, you get to a point where you stop being the central focus in their lives. It could be because your partner gets entrusted with a lot of responsibilities. But it’s completely different with a mother. Despite the amount of responsibilities she has to shoulder, you never stop being her central focus and ‘child’. More so, as time passes by, we tend to lose the playful child in us and the only place where we can still get to be carefree is right with our mothers.

There are perhaps more reasons why your mother would be better than your partner but this doesn’t mean we should ignore or allow our partners play second fiddle. We must realise the value of both our mothers and partners. It’s important not to take either for granted (most especially our mothers) as we often take for granted the love they have for us.

So! What else do you think makes your Mother better than your wife?

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OluwaSam- Akirisore

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