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FIFA World Cup 2018: Why Nigeria could win the world Cup


Our darling super eagles will start their world cup campaign against their Croatia counterpart on Saturday 16th of June.
Looking at the crop of players the Super Eagles will be parading, it is easier to say that we really have a wonderful team of individual players. But the major constraint is them playing as a team.
Nigeria played 5 Friendlies. We won 1 , drew 1 and lost 3. This stat is not too good for a team that is playing at the world cup but at the same time, friendlies doesn’t really determine your world cup fate. But the bottom line is that our super eagles team doesn’t have a playing pattern.
Let’s take for instance, our last game against Czech Republic. The Czech Republicans came with a game plan. The were playing long balls and making some sharp crosses. They knew the Super Eagles are weak in defending crosses. Their game plan really worked for them at least they won the match.
Talking about game plans, super eagles team is disorganized. You see players of the same team colliding against each other while trying to clear an area ball. Could it be that Genort Rohr is trying to play safe by not not really exposing is tactics to his opponents?
According to Javier Mascherano, He said, “And Nigeria are quite well known to us, we’ve always met in the last World Cups. They’re tough, not just because of their physical power, but because their disorganisation has the effect of disorganising you as a rival. And that’s when teams like ours suffer the most – in disorder.” I find this really interesting as it could be an advantage to us. That means other teams would be wary of our disorganization and it might be difficult for them to really study us.
Don’t forget that Super Eagles always perform anytime we Nigerians right them off. Do you still remember what happened at 2013 AFCON? who knew super eagles will win it? Who knew Nigeria will even qualify for World cup?
Winning the world cup is realistic but Las Las we sha go fit enter semi-final if we no win world cup 😋
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