Father Mbaka’s Removal Adoration Ministry: Worshippers Attack New Priest

There are signs that Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), will no longer oversee and preside over liturgical events at the Adoration chaplaincy.
As previously reported by SaharaReporters, Fr. Mbaka declared in a statement on Thursday that the Adoration Ministry’s activities would resume on Sunday.
The Enugu Catholic Bishop Callistus Onaga sought to replace Mbaka with another priest on Sunday, but the crowd objected and tried to mob the new priest, SaharaReporters learned.
Adoration devotees who had flocked to the Emene stadium to greet Mbaka after almost three months of suspension went ballistic in protest just as he had proclaimed his replacement.
They were horrified to learn that Mbaka had been transferred after being suspended for months, and they violently opposed the new Chaplain.
SR discovered that the uprising quickly turned to the new priest, Fr. Anthony Amadi, who had to be escorted away when the mob erupted to attack him.
According to accounts, Mbaka will temporarily join a convent.
Some Adoration devotees, who spoke to SaharaReporters, pledged that no other priest would be allowed at the Chaplaincy and claimed that Mbaka was the victim of a church-wide plot.
Fr. Mbaka was prohibited from discussing political politics starting on June 3 by the Catholic Bishop of the diocese, Most Rev. Onaga.
Shortly after the initial injunction was removed, Mbaka broke the injunction by calling Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi a “stingy man” and verbally attacking him.
The Bishop issued a pastoral directive on attendance to the Catholic Adoration Ministry Chaplaincy Enugu in response to the shock and condemnation that followed the attack on Obi, and he ordered all Catholics to avoid going there till further notice.
Additionally, the Bishop urged the loyal Catholics to pray for Mbaka.
In response to events at the Catholic Adoration Ministry Chaplaincy in Enugu, Onaga had stated, “In the light of the happenings; capable of undermining the Catholic faith and teachings; and after several fraternal corrections and admonitions to Fr. Camillus Ejike Mbaka, the Ministry Chaplain; and after having given him pastoral directives and guidelines for the Ministry Chaplaincy, which he persistently violated.
“And in keeping with my pastoral responsibilities as the Chief Shepherd, which include the duty to advance and defend the Catholic religion, and
I thus forbid all Catholics (clergy, religious, and lay faithful) from attending any religious or liturgical events sponsored by the Catholic Adoration Ministry in Enugu Diocese until the proper canonical procedure started by the Diocese is completed.
“My choice is based on the fact that parts of Fr. Camillus Ejike Mbaka’s teachings and remarks at the Catholic Adoration Ministry do not align with the beliefs of the Catholic Church.


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