Fashion items at online marketplace: what, how, and why?



Technological progress has resulted in a wide range of advantages. And one of the most evident is creating of online marketplace. It is not very different from ordinary market. There are still people selling goods, offering services, and actively advertising their items and services. The only difference is larger scale, achieved by an opportunity to function in the web space.J2

The brightest example of successful online marketplace is It is a website that reminds a place, where people gather to sell their stuff. Everyone can post an ad. What is more, everyone can do it for free. So it is not a surprise why the number of users on Jiji keeps growing.JI

Some people think that Jiji is a simple web store, but it is not. We are not selling anything, we only provide people with an opportunity to do it. Our main task is to take care of user’s interests. That’s why we stand for direct communication between sellers and buyers. We always check identities of those who want to become sellers, and every new user has to pass verification.

J4For some, buying on Jiji may seem too complicated, but it is not complicated at all! And what would you say if you found out that here you can buy clothes from world famous brands and designers at affordable prices? Actually, it is really so. Check out Fashion category, and you will make sure that we are telling the truth. On Jiji, you can find both new and used things in good keep. Just click on some tags and specify the search. You can buy clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry and bags – finding something you like will not be difficult, as there are over 60,000 of offers.

J3Numbers don’t lie, and they say that Jiji is marketplace No. 1 in Nigeria with over half a million active ads and more than 10 million monthly visitors. And these numbers continue growing all the time. Jiji is constantly developing and keeps up with the latest trends, taking care about your stylish look.


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