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Fans Dig Up DJ Arafat’s Body From The Grave To Check If He Was The One That Was Buried


Fans of the late DJ Arafat have dup up the singer’s dead body from his fresh grave to verify if he as the one who was buried. In what will come across as a really shocking development, some overzealous fans of Ivorian singer DJ Arafat opened his coffin Saturday to take photos of the corpse and verify if he was the one who was really buried. This sad action prompted police to fire teargas after an overnight funeral concert where tens of thousands paid tribute to one of West Africa’s most popular stars. Following hours of musical homage, tears, and solemn reminiscence at Abijan’s main stadium, events took a dark turn as fans battled police preventing them from entering the cemetery where the singer’s family gave him a private burial. But several did make into the Williamsville cemetery in Abidjan’s working-class Adjame district, forced open the fresh grave and coffin, and took photos and videos that they shared on social media. Police fired teargas to disperse the grave profaners, and several people were injured.

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