Explore the Astounding Beauty of the December Gemstone: Turquoise Jewelry



Whenever you will think of buying beautiful and valuable gemstone jewelry, precious and crystal-clear stones like diamond, sapphire and ruby will usually knock the doors of your mind. Their shimmer and beauty can’t be questioned indeed.

However, amongst all these precious gemstones, there stands a comparatively affordable yet satiating choice of gemstone jewelry that has been adored to be mystic “December Gemstone” since its discovery on the planet. This ravaging and alluring gem is the divine Turquoise, an epitome of peace, protection and good luck.

The gemstone jewelry is brimming with some high quality and magnificent blue-sheen gems like London blue topaz, tanzanite and aquamarine. However, the ethereal blue sheen of turquoise jewelry tends to be the most eye-captivating to the jewelry lovers. Its so mesmerizing and mundane that the beauty of your collarbone will become 10x magnified on adorning yourself with that sizzling and stunning turquoise pendant.

So, let’s explore and unleash the divine and heavenly beauty of this majestic December gemstone: Turquoise Jewelry.

The Astounding Beauty of Turquoise

Turquoise is an opaque mineraloid, which is a hydrated phosphorus of copper and aluminium. In its natural form, it lends a mesmerizing bluish hue with vine-like green structures on its surface. These green branches are the remnants of the host rock within which the turquoise has been formed. These are known as the matrix.

Usually, manufactures prefer to crave exclusive and elegant turquoise jewelry complimented with the unique beauty of these matrix that also serves as a unique appearance trait which standout turquoise in this saturated gemstone market. In the history of gems and jewels, only this marvellous and mystic stone has got the privilege to have a colour after its name: turquoise colour.

Just alike opal jewelry is exclusively priced and adored for its vibrant and cheerful surface that depicts the exquisite play-of-colour, the bluish-green hue of turquoise is its signature mark that makes everyone fall for its charming and alluring appearance.


This eye-soothing blue hue in turquoise takes many forms. Notable and famous in the market being the sky-blue hue, deep blue, light blue-greenish, vivid green and the most astounding, the leaf green matrix.

With its opaque to translucent surface, some slight inclusions within the crystals can lend a heavenly look indeed. However, turquoise usually occurs in a crystal-clear form. Further, being easily mouldable and soft, it can be given multiple shapes and designs. Ranging from oval-shaped turquoise pendant to a heart-shaped turquoise necklace. Even round and half-moon shaped turquoise have a firm footing in hearts of jewelry lovers globally.

The History of Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise is by far, one of the oldest and rarest gemstones ever discovered by the mankind. The earliest documentation of turquoise dates back to 3000 B.C. As per the archaeological findings and extractions, extensive works of turquoise were detected in the tombs and castles of the ancient Egyptians. These Egyptians used to believe that turquoise shield the wearer against the negativity lingering the environment. Even besides its mystic powers and properties, it was also adored for its high ornamental value since then.

The Miraculous Powers of Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise: The Shield Against Negativity

Since its earliest documentation that dates back to the era of the ancient Egyptians, turquoise has always been looked upon as a magical stone that has been blessed with some divine and supreme powers by the gods and deities to combat negativity and devilish energies in the environment.


From accidental injuries to formidable diseases, the repercussions that such demonic forces cause could be quite lethal some and devastating for the victim and his loved ones. Turquoise can change the intensity of its ethereal blue hue on observing the presence of a negative aura in the environment. It also tends to eradicate such negativities in the ambience and ensuring the safety of those who believes in its supremacy.


Turquoise: The Stone of lover’s

For a blissful and peaceful life, sometimes all it takes is a loveable bond with someone who choose to stand with you in every situation of life. However, sometimes this love life can get hampered owing to loss of affection, lack of romantic feelings and understanding between the couples.


That when the miraculous powers of this astounding gemstones come as the saviour. Turquoise connects the heart-charka of the body. When the powers knock the door of the heart-chakra, then it showers blessings of love, purity and affection upon the wearer. Besides, it also flushes out all the negativities like hatred, jealousy and envy, that sometime become hindrances in the way to live and cherish a happy and healthy love life.

Turquoise: The Stone of a long-lasting Health

Turquoise has amazing and highly beneficial anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties that flushes out all the harmful toxicants from the beauty. Also, it if you are an athlete who is nurturing an intact future in the realm of sports with blood and sweat, then turquoise can be your partner on your road to recovery.

Adorning turquoise alleviates muscle pain and cramps and provide relief.

It also purifies the gut cannel that promotes a healthy and quick digestion and absorption of the food. Goes without saying, a natural purifier for the lungs, throat and eyes.

Turquoise: The Stone of Peace and Calmness

A calm state of mind is required for a happy existence. Nonetheless, some unforeseeable disasters and heinous events may cause someone to experience prolonged sadness and loss. These occurrences result in inebriation, despair, anxiety, and heartache.

However, turquoise, a symbol of tranquillity, can bring happiness to its wearer by virtue of its curative properties, which aid in overcoming negative life experiences.The incredible cheerfulness emitted by turquoise was a deeply ingrained concept among the ancient Egyptians. Because of this, they used to decorate their tombs and castles with priceless turquoise stones.


Shop High-Quality Turquoise

Do you know that con artists can easily defraud you by attaching fake turquoise jewelry made of howlite or plastic to you? This is what the market has evolved into nowadays. So, in order to obtain high-quality and authentic turquoise jewelry, you must rely on a trustworthy and dependable platform.


We have entrusted you with the task of enhancing the beauty and elegance of our valued customers with 100% authentic, high-quality turquoise jewelry at Rananjay Exports.

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