Exclusive : Xpress Africa Magazine’s Co owner,Menorah admits to been a lesbian.


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Xpress Africa,one of Nigerian’s emerging online magazine and blog is on the news again,and this time it’s about it’s Co owner,or should I say ‘Face of the magazine’.
Menorah Daniels  has debunked the rumour trailing her last year for been a lesbian,after she was seen pecking a girl in Ghana award festival,but now speaking with complete fashion magazine today,she says ‘I don’t really have anything for guys,I love my partner,bella,and we both are going to get married sooner or later,if not in nigeria then somewhere else.
Prince Agama the owner of the magazine has not uttered a word on this,and we pray we see it on his blog (www.xpressafrica.blogspot.com) or twitter,sooner than later.

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