Evidence Of How The Igalas Were the First Tribe To Arrive In Nigeria


Although some tribes in Nigeria may have traced their origin to sky or water, that is likely to be based on myth as it is strange and difficult to prove. Also, it is on record that migration in Nigeria is from the northern side to the southern side. That is, the first settlement of people in Nigeria was the northern side, and increase in population and other factors made others to move on secondary migration and tertiary migration, etc.
Based on archeological results, the first settlement in Nigeria is around Borno State axis. The earliest people in this area were the first set of people who migrated from wherever they were to the present day Nigeria. Some of these tribes are Kanuri, Igala, Jukun, Biu/Viu, Ham/Nok, Chamba, Aten, …
But among these, one or two must have been the oldest or first to settle down. Then, who could that be? According Palmer in 1936, he recorded that he was told by Ahel/Sahel Dirk (Jukun) that they met the Ahel/Sahel Gara who are now Gala/Igala/Igara in the Borno area. They didn’t mention Kanuri or any other tribes. Going by this record as others are yet to be found, it can be said that Igala was the first in the area, then followed by Jukun who met only Igala people in the area when they came there. From records (check online), Kanuri people came there around 7th (600) century BC. Nok/Ham people around 6th (500) century BC (check online). Biu was founded by part of those originally with Karuni, etc.
Igala Kingdom was originally headquartered in Attagara Community in Borno which was where Attah Igala (king of Igala people) stayed just like the present day Idah, Kogi State. Other Igala Communities were Amuda, Ngala which is now a local government in Borno State too.
It was later that Attah then migrated with some Igala to Benue valley then called Kwarafara in the present day Taraba state and then founded another Community called Attah Igala and corrupted again to Attagara/Tangara. Attah was the second King of the Kwarafara empire or confendration as Igala Kingdom became the second capital after Santolo (now under Kano State) which was the first one in the rotational capital system of the confederation.
Now going by the record of Palmer from the statement by Jukun, it can be said that Igala people were the first People in Nigeria, followed by Jukun, Kanuri, Nok, etc.
This confirms the arrival of Igala from Egypt to Borno State in 8th century BC as I have always said. But do you know what? All these tribes traced their origin to the ancient Egypt and Sudan which are Nile Valley areas. God bless us all.
History is the record of past events, and must be proved to be true if not it is a story and not a History. It is neither good nor bad.
Please prove it wrong with evidences and not with noise like “na lie”, “no the world started from our village”, etc.
Ayegba A. A.
Teacher, Researcher and Scientific Historian.
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