Everything Oye said is true , Daffy Blanco says as she spills more about Bobrisky


American based Nigerian singer Daffy Blanco has backed up Oye Kyme and her accusations towards Bobrisky.

In a series of instagram posts, Daffy Blanco confirmed that everything Bob’s former PA Oye has said about him earlier today is true. Daffy added that if the accusations were not true, Bobrisky would not be so bent on defending himself.

Daffy also assured Oye legal backing and protection if Mompha and Bobrisky come for her in future like they’ve promised.

Everyone knows you’re bias*xual so stop trying to silence people just because you have money.Let me not spill !!! oga just keep quiet sha the more you defend the more you look guilty if it was not true you suppose shut up

Let’s not even begin with your trip to South Africa and stuff you did to the r girls you invited to ur hotel Yall favourites take it in the A*ss and like it in the This why so many singel ladies…

And everything@oye.kyme said is true I used to be friends with that Shim!!! @oye.kyme Dm me if any motherf*cker wanna threaten you. His Match are my mates money talks Banana walks.


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Bobrisky says his fan base remains unshaken despite damaging statements from his former PA, Oye Kyme

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