Ekweremadu: I Was Promised A Job In The UK, Not Organ Donation – David Ukpo

David Nwamini Ukpo, the young man involved in the contentious organ harvesting case that resulted in the UK arrest and detention of Senator Ike Ekweremadu and his wife Beatrice, has written on his Facebook wall about how he met the Senator and was allegedly lured from Nigeria to London for the illegal harvesting of his kidney.
While Senator Ekweremadu and his wife remain in detention after being denied bail by a London magistrates’ court where they were arraigned hours after their arrest on Thursday, June 23, 2022, Ukpo detailed his side of the story in a Facebook post on Saturday, June 25, 2022, where he also posted his Visa page to support his claims.
Ukpo’s post, titled “My journey to UK,” is unaltered and reads as follows:
“One fateful day, while working on a construction site to make ends meet, I met a man by the name of okoro. Okoro told me he liked me and wanted to help me realize my ambition since he thought I was a fantastic person. He asked me whether I wanted to work in the UK. I simply started laughing since I don’t have the money for it, and when he asked why I told him I didn’t, I replied, “No, I’m not interested.”
He suddenly started laughing and told me he was going to present me to the senator since his company in the UK needed workers, and that way he could begin the process of getting my visa.
“I had no choice but to accept the offer. Two days later, the same man returned to the construction site and informed me that the senator wanted to see me so that we could begin the visa processing. I quickly put down my shovel and head pan and ran for the bathroom.
“Mrs. Okoro led me to a place I had never gone before; I was scared he may be a money ritualist, but I reassured myself that there wouldn’t be any issues because I had known Mr. Okoro for a very long time. When Mr. Okoro handed me over to a young man in a suit, I informed him that Mr. Okoro had already explained everything to me and that I had agreed to work in the UK.


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