“Eat Ewedu Soup And Be Free From Ebola” – LUTH Consultant


Ewedu Soup Eat Ewedu Soup And Be Free From Ebola   LUTH Consultant

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Did you know that eating the Yoruba staple soup, ewedu could cure one of the dreaded Ebola Virus Disease? Well, a LUTH consultant says it could. Why not try it today?


This Ebola Virus Disease has a way of making experts out of Nigerians these days. At the early stage of the outbreak of the disease, there were claims that eating bitter kola could cure those infected of the disease, though the claims were quickly dispelled.

Another rumour that made the rounds was that drinking and bathing with salt water was the sure cure for the ailment, though both claims were nipped in the bud by the Federal Ministry of Health.

Now, a consultant with the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, Prof Adebukola Adefule Oshitelu, has come out with the claim that constant consumption of the Yoruba ‘special soup’, ewedu, whose botanical name is ‘Genus Corchorus’, has the uniqueingredient for curing Ebola disease.

The professor of Ophthalmology, made the claim in an interview with PMNews during an interview, where she said:

“The qualities inside Ewedu is so much that it will kill Ebola by preventing the virus from replicating and destroying more organs in the body. This would immediately stop the symptoms such as high fever, stooling and vomiting. Ultimately, leading to the cure.

The way it will be prepared will be different from the normal way they cook it. It should be washed and rinsed with liquid vinegar, afterwards blend and cook with drinkable water.

No salt, potash or seasoning should be added, take 25cl of the concoction a week and it would boost a person’s immunity so that they become impregnable to the virus.”


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