‘Don’t allow what you see on social media ruin your life‘ – Broda Shaggi

Samuel Animashaun Perry, better known by his stage name Broda Shaggi, is a well-known Nigerian actor and comedian who recently posted on social media about the rising suicide rate in the country.

Broda Shaggi warned internet users not to allow social media ruin their happiness in a post uploaded via the insta-stories part of his verified Instagram page, saying that suicide is never an option.

This response from Broda Shaggi comes just a few hours after American DJ Stephen “Twitch” Boss, 40, passed away.

On December 13, 2022, at a motel in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Encino, Stephen—the official DJ on the Ellen DeGeneres Show—committed himself and died as a result.

On his part, Broda Shaggi urged Nigerians not to let the suffering, adversity, and darkness they are currently experiencing prevent them from enjoying the greatest parts of their life by taking their own lives.

He continued by saying that life is not always ideal and that there is more to it than social media, clubbing, parties, and friendship, among other things.

He continued by saying that he always reflects on where he began and where he is right now before making every effort to maximize his potential.

Don’t let your suffering, difficulties, or inner darkness prevent you from experiencing the best parts of your life, advised Broda Shaggi. We all have such bizarrely varied perspectives on life, and I hope that most people wouldn’t let SM destroy their joy. I consider both my past and present. Where I was and where I am now now compared to years ago. Nothing is ever perfect, but I’m aiming to attain the best for myself even though it’s not perfect yet. There is more to life than pursuing social media. For me, it goes beyond going to clubs, having fun, making friends, attempting to update my success on SM, and so forth. I want to enjoy every wonderful moment of life, being content with who I am and spreading happiness to others. Always remember that you must see your best self since it is yet to arrive. There is never an option of suicide.


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