Don Jazzy’s Father Reveals Son’s Early Music Career (Throwback Photos)

Collins Enebeli, father to Mavin Records boss, Don Jazzy, has revealed his son’s early career in music.

Taking to his Instagram page on Monday, Enebeli shared photos and wrote;

“Throwback to the days of my dreams of running a record label named Sagittarius records. My vision was to see Nigeria as a music springboard to the world. The archer symbol of the zodiac sign was to bear my face and the arrow was a record disc. The half man half horse was made to be half man and half body of a lion springing out of Nigeria to the world. The flagship music of the first artist on the label was titled ‘Good morning this morning’ by Detty Dusty off the album named ‘Prodigal Son’ .

“We arranged the song to start with chorus rendered using voices of children to set the mood for a beautiful new dawn for listeners to the music. I assembled some of the best seasoned session men of that era in Decca Studios Lagos for what obviously in my mind was history in the making. There were musicians on the project such as Paul Tao El Shaddai, Nkono Teles, Toks Shotade, Lemmy Jackson , Mosco Egbe of the Ozzidi band and later Jambos Express, Chico , Basil Barap, Fred Fisher, Sharp Mike,Fidel Bateke, Tolu Gay, Cicely Omonhinmi and others who were in the studio observing the production as if in a listening party. Geraldo Pino , Tera kota , Amadi Ogbonnaya, Hakeem Ikandu etc.

“The young Michael led the opening voices of the children chorus to the delight of all present. I recall Geraldo Pino exclaiming excitedly that this young man in the midst of these great industry heavy weights back then is certainly destined for great things ahead. Today the young man in question is now the undisputed king of beats @donjazzy the Leader of SMD worldwide.

“This reminds me of what an old man I went to for sponsorship told me then and I quote him thus: ‘If yam does not grow from the head, it will grow from the tail. The important thing is that yam the king of crops will surely grow just as the young shall grow’ To God be the glory. ❤️❤️❤️


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