Destination of the week : ZAMFARA
November 5, 2015


Peaceful, affordable and presumably stress-free, Zamfara is a haven to get away from the shenanigans of the city. The state is peopled by Hausas/Fulani with a minute mix of other Nigerian tribes like Igbo and Yoruba.

Until recently, the state was part of Sokoto state. However, with the creation of new states on October 1st, 1996, 14 local governments were carved out of Sokoto to make up Zamfara with its capital at Gusau.

Furthermore, Zamfara is endowed with virgin forests, mind blowing landforms and a cultural heritage that is predicated on its rich history as well as religion., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal brings you the sights and sounds of the tagged as ‘Farming is our pride’.


Top Three Sites

Kuyambana Game Reserve

This is a large expanse of land which has been reserved with hunting and human encroachment restricted. These kilometres of land was set aside by the government to preserve animals and plants, especially rare species. Hence, wide variety of animals can be found in this area from hyenas to lions and elephants as well as birds. It is 100km from Gusau.

 The Kalale Hippopotami pond

The Kalale Hippopotami pond is where hippopotamus have found an abode. As amphibians, they crisscross the pond and land for survival. It is a sight to behold. However, make sure you keep a respectable distance away from the animals. It is located in Dangulbi area of Maru local government.

Kwartarkwashi Rock/water spring

This crystal clear spring gushes out as it adds beauty to the Kwartarkwashi rock. The rock’s history dates as far back as Kwatarkwashi town itself. Attraction to the rock is hinged on the spiritual significance which the rock possesses. However, the embrace of Islam which is the domineering religion in Northern Nigeria has eroded this belief. However, Kwartarkwashi Rock/water spring still attracts visitors from different parts of Nigeria and indeed the world.



City king Hotel & Towers Limited, Gusau Hotel, Moonlight Guest Inn, Copas Haven Motel, Zangimbana Suites and Guest Rooms are amongst the hotels travellers and visitors can spend the night after a day of traversing the various attractions dotted around Zamfara.

These hotels can be booked on at competitive prices. Interestingly, there are varying stars of hotels readily available for visitors to patronize.


‘’Bukkas’’ or local restaurants are some of the best places to visit to have a taste of Zamfara cuisine like Tuwo Shinkafa. However, if you want to raise the bar in terms of eating, you can check out Twinkles and Mr. Biggs in Gusau, the capital city.


Going to the market which stays open on specific days is the best option for buying souvenirs, clothes and other consumables. However, if you decide to take it a step higher, there are local stalls where you can buy fashion items and perform other transactions. Blessed Success boutique, IzyPolzi Royal enterprises and Crowncopier business are some of the local stalls in Zamfara.

Fun fact

The Hippopotamus in the Kalale Hippopotami pond has become notorious for visiting homes to take away food items of the residents of Dangulbi neighbourhood. So, whenever you visit the pond, enjoy the sight but safeguard your food!

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