Writing A ‘HIT’ Song

In the previous article, ‘music as a career’, we established the needed mindset to be a successful artiste. We mentioned the need for you to think of yourself as an ENTREPRENEUR… a business man. We also mentioned that the journey is easy for only those who possess, besides skills, the necessary information about the market to which they will be exposing themselves and their materials.

In this article however, we shall be exploring the prerequisites for a ‘HIT’ song. Without a marketable song, the artiste cannot register any success. In other words, without a HIT song, the artiste will live in oblivion in the music industry; you will not be known, and as such, there won’t be revenue from sales, performance, endorsements and all the other potential  avenues. What then is the essence of being a business man if you can’t make money, or earn a decent living? I guess the question you are probably pondering now is, ‘What then are the essentials of a ‘HIT’ song?’

In fact… what is a HIT song?

Hit songs are those songs that have made it to top charts; those songs that DJs can’t help slamming at parties; those songs that have become viral on the airwaves. Tune to a radio station dial-code and that song is most likely to be playing. It is that song that enjoys the highest call requests and sales. These days you can also consider the internet downloads statistics as one of the criteria of a hit song. They come in various genres and style; Gospel, secular and contemporary styles. We have them in HIP-HOP, R&B, REGGAE, POP, SOUL, DANCE-HALL, AFROBEAT, FUJI, JUJU, TECHNO, BLUES, and RAP etc. Hit songs have been represented in all genres thinkable. It doesn’t really matter what genre you belong to, the elements of any hit song remains the same… commerciality!


“Commerciality” of your music determines sales, concert performance, fan base, internet downloads, endorsements etc. A single HIT song, well taught out and achieved, can “make” you for life. Some artistes just needed only one song to “BLOW”. And they often later diversify into other types of businesses afterwards. That way they are able to sustain their wealth by distributing risks.”

Well… risk is a topic you will appreciate better if you read our article on ‘ENTREPRENEURSHIP’. Let’s focus here on the matter at hand. And that is ‘writing a hit song’

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