Cookathon: Why Guinness World Records may delay verifying Hilda – Kaffy

Kaffy, a Nigerian dancer who currently holds the world record for most world records, has explained why Hilda Baci’s record wasn’t verified by Guinness World Records as soon as it was thought they would.

On Monday, the Nigerian chef Hilda Baci’s record for the longest cooking marathon by one individual was challenged by Guinness World Records, who stated they would need to review the data.

The Guinness World Record holder for the “Longest Dance Party” in 2006, Kaffy, commented on the perceived delay in the Guinness World Records, stating that technical difficulties might prevent someone from being validated by the organization.

Using social media, Kaffy claimed that it took nearly two weeks for Guinness World Records to recognize her achievement in 2006.

Many people try to beat deadlines and succeed in doing so, but they are not checked due to technical faults, the author stated.

She hoped that Hilda’s endeavor wouldn’t be ruined by technical difficulties.


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