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Charges against Audu Maikori has been dropped


Insiders today, confirmed to LIB that the charges against Chocolate City boss Audu Maikori by the Nigerian Police has been dropped. Recall that last week Friday news broke on social media that he was picked up from Lagos by DSS and transferred to the Nigerian Police Force Headquarters in Abuja after a warrant was issued for his arrest by a Kaduna state magistrate court.

When we reached out to Mr Mark Jacob who represented Audu Maikori throughout the case and he said, ‘It is important that Nigerians begin to give due credit to the Nigerian police for the thankless work they do. The case that was brought against my client was duly investigated by the Nigerian Police and when they found out from the driver’s confession that he was simply trying to defraud his employer, they promptly dropped the charges levelled against Audu”.

Mr Mark Jacob who is a former Attorney General of Kaduna State also stated that contrary to reports on social media, Maikori’s release is owed singularly to the thorough investigation carried out by the Nigerian Police Force and duly assisted by his client.

He went on to say that “Audu’s arrest, detention and subsequent release shows me as a legal practitioner and a Nigerian citizen that there is hope for the country if we all continue to stick to democratic ideals. It is important that we do not allow justice to be hijacked by individuals who have it in their interest to abuse citizens who carry out their constitutional rights to free speech”.

Before the case, Audu Maikori had released a series of Tweets about the killing of the brother of his driver and his friends who were supposedly students of the Kaduna State College of Education. The story turned out to be false after Audu further investigated the driver’s claims with the help of the Nigerian Police, who took the driver into custody when it was discovered that he was simply latching onto his boss’s sympathy to defraud him of some money.

Audu has since issued a retraction and apology to the Kaduna State Government and the general public.

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