Can you imagine, Iyanya is now dying in the music business


Controversies that surrounds the departure of the “Kukere” crooner- Iyanya from his former Record label “Made Men Music Group” has been somewhat hazy and clinically Silenced. But catch it exclusively

Around 2011 Ubi Franklin with Iyanya, whom were both from Calabar, Cross River, and met on such common grounds came together and cofounded The record label “MMMG” Signing up Iyanya himself, as their first Act.

Before the release of Kukere, it was no gain saying that they had almost nothing and it was after the success of Kukere that the sun started to shine on their side of the lane. But the contemporary that they were, men of the same age, ethnicity and to some extent eccentricities. They were quite a fair match for each other.

Iyanya started raking in heavy doughs both from endorsements and partnerships,  many of which was behind Ubi Franklin- MMMG boss. And the partner that they were, Ubi Franklin found it quite a task to deal with Iyanya. And several times, bout broke out amidst them but it never really went far as they shared too many bonds that easily reconciled them. At the very top of his career, Iyanya was too hot to throw away those whiles, and Ubi Franklin still get his dues from many of Iyanya’s shows.

That was how the story kept rotating, until?

Until what went up started to fall down. Iyanya’s career dwindled and though he was getting some bit of shows and money but the expended money was leveling the income on scale till it almost raised the side of total expenditure.

Amidst the malice of other money iyanya was raking in just for himself, things started to fell apart further. And spoken or unspoken, Iyanya had to head out and navigate a new bearing for himself.

He contemplated starting his own label, but after monetary analysis and amidst the evil days that had come upon his career he thought better of such. Well fortunately, he had a smooth side with Don Jazzy and it was no hard working getting in the “Supreme Mavin Dynasty”

But as paradoxical as life is, the boy he, as he stated recently “brought up” Tekno, he is really enjoying a fabulous time in his career standing at number 3 among Nigerian artists that made most money last year

Goodluck to Iyanya

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