Body count: Dont asking your girl for it, you don’t need to know About it

Women don’t police men’s body count. Men should stop taking stock of their bodies.

It is important to define what body counts mean before you explain why they should not be discussed in your relationship.

Simply stated, body count refers to the number of people with whom you have had sex. It doesn’t matter how intimate or complex the relationship was. If there isn’t any penetration, it doesn’t count as sex. Here, the body count refers to how many people you have had penetrative sex with.

In new relationships, we can share the past

Every new relationship is different. There comes a point when you and your partner talk about the past and plan the future. This is especially important when things are getting serious and you feel like you have a genuine commitment.

As we have already explained, there are both financial conversations and sexual conversations that are equally important at this stage. The body count question, despite all the sexual questions you can ask your bae/boo, is not essential.

This is because some things are better left unsaid, and some information is better kept secret. If they wish to, let them do so. If they choose not to, that’s okay too. It’s okay to not bother them about it. Do not stress them.

It doesn’t matter if a woman has had a past relationship with a man. This should not make them less attractive to you. Women don’t consider how many women a man has slept with before they love them as much as they should. They shouldn’t be treated with the same respect. There’s no guarantee that the number she gives you is accurate. How would you know if she downplayed numbers to make you feel safe and not run away or act strangely because of it?

It’s really simple. If you believe she is smart, kind, intelligent, and fun to be around, how can her body count suddenly alter all the positive vibes that you share with her?

It is possible to ask whether there has been an abortion. This is a serious question that you might ask of someone you are considering getting serious with.

The truth is always painful

It is clear that there is not much to be gained from body count information, other than the satisfaction of curiosity.

Guys are often unable to accept the truth, especially when the babe has fully explored her sexuality before they enter the picture.

Although it is impossible to determine the exact Nigerian stats, in England in 2017, it was discovered that an average woman has eight men sleeping with her before she settles down. That is a lot, we think.

Here I can talk about how unfair it was that men could have slept over 10 girls. A woman will do the same, and she’s a tramp. This is a shame, especially since gender equality is being demanded more.

Let’s get back to the subject of body count. Asking about your woman can also put your relationship in jeopardy. If she has been with several men and assumes that you will be shocked if she tells her, it could lead to her telling a lie. This isn’t what you want in your relationship.

You may never be able to handle the situation if she trusts you. You don’t need to make it worse if your relationship is strong and your woman is happy. Let sleeping dogs lie, my guy.

If there ever was a list of information that does not have any bearing on that beautiful relationship/marriage happiness you seek, the body count question surely has to be in the top five.

It is not important.


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