BBNaija 7: Chichi’s management releases statement on allegations leveled against her

Big Brother Naija “Level Up” co-host, Chichi’s Management has issued an official statement regarding the allegations against Chichi over allegations made against her.

Just a few hours before Chichi was getting in trouble when her best friend scolded her for poisoning her.

The woman who is known by the name of Brown Sugar Ivy on social media has claimed she believed that Chichi would like to end her life to the point to poisoning herself.

Brown revealed the many things she did for the reality TV star but was still treated with a snide manner.

Brown called Chi-Chi out for the fact that she brought several Turkish males to the hotel to get the night.

Brown also expressed her disdain for the reality show host.

This scumbag was my best companion, my sister all the time however she was determined to destroy my entire life and go to the point of intoxicating me. I assisted this girl to pay her rent and also buy food. I contacted her via Instagram saying she wanted to commit suicide and that she was suffering. I took her to the hospital and assisted her in her pathetic life, even while she used my home as a place to stay to meet Turkish men and say “fuck you dumb, I’m going to kill you for the rest of my life”.

In Chichi’s official Instagram page, Chichi’s management denied the claims.

In a statement highlighting the reality star’s positive characteristics, her management said that the story that is making the rounds is depressing and funny


Who is Chichi?

The ” human doll” as she rightly calls herself is a strong, vibrant young lady who is never afraid to live her truth regardless of the perfect societal expectations. SHE IS THE DIFFERENCE. Did she except to be blacklisted? Did she expect to be judged? Yes, but certainly not this early. The stories making rounds is both heartbreak and laughable, I say laughable because anyone who makes it go BBNaija, the Biggest Reality Show in Africa, went through countless screenings and thorough Background Investigations from both National and International High level Organizations. A show made up of strangers living together in the sake house, you must trust them to know the importance of safety, it is their first priority. Chichi is a game player, a game changer, yet she’s not one to pull anyone down just to climb up, she certainly cannot hurt a fly, she just simply returns the same energy given to her. So for the agendas, lol, relax…. It’s till Day 72 baby! She’s not just a “Stripper” she’s a fighter who literally had to fight her way to get a better life all by herself, of course she would experience some ugly situations, including vile and bad friends, yet it didn’t break her, making it into the show despite the “stripper” stereotype already speaks a lot about her personality”.


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