Battle of the Big boobs! Meet Cossy Orjiakor’s Top Challengers with Equally Huge Assets (Photos)


Nigerian actress, Cossy Orjiakor is widely believed to have the biggest boobs in the industry, however there are others who now threaten to seize that title from her.
Cossy Orjiakor
Nollywood diva and singer, Cossy Orjiakor has never had to worry who has charge of any hall she finds herself as she is sure to hug all the attention, thanks to her humongous boobs that never fail to be on a stake-out. She has been described on too many occasions  as Nollywood’s queen of boobs.
Her reign has even extended to every part of Africa and the world. Last year, she was honoured in Germany as one of the most daring actresses out of Africa.
But the spot she enjoys as supremo uno in the mammary region is fast becoming crowded as  more and more challengers are springing up, not only to compete with her but also taking the challenge to her doorstep.
Number one is Sarafina Onyekachi, who took the Nutty Queen on in the movie ‘Ara Sarafina’, where the duo went head to head in a boobs contest.
“ Yes, there was boobs competition which I won. But I must confess Saraphina is bigger than me. I only won the contest because she failed a question and I was the next best and more enlightened, so, I won,” Cossy would say of the movie contest afterward.
Number two is an unknown Instagram celebrity, who calls herself Roman Goddess. According to Cossy, the girl, who was a fan turned up on her birthday and pronto, Cossy had another challenge on her hands.
Roman Goddess
“She’s a super sexy curvy chick,” says Cossy. “She carry front, she carry back. She is too packaged. I must examine and evaluate this super sexy curvy chic. She’s a good fan that has turned a friend” she said.
Number three is a Ghanaian upcoming actress and model called Duchess Ella. Unlike the duo mentioned earlier she has never met Cossy but people have been blowing up a possible confrontation between them.
Duchess Ella
Duchess made a great hit with Instagram followers notching up close to fifty thousand followers. She’s very huge in the bosom but she doesn’t flaunt it like Cossy or Roman Goddess.
Just like Sarafina once said, “What’s the use of flaunting my boobs when they are all out there for people to see”.
Duchess Ella must share the same belief.
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