Autopsy results is out. Robin Williams hanged himself with a belt


The autopsy report of legendary actor Robin Williams is out – he committed suicide by hanging himself with a belt in his home. But before using the belt, Robin had tried to kill himself by slitting his wrist with a pocket knife. When that suicide attempt failed, he used a belt.

According to the Marin County Deputy Coroner, Robins Williams was at home alone Monday when he tried slashing his left wrist, but it only left “acute superficial cuts. He then took a belt, tied it around his neck and secured it between the closet door and door frame. Williams was in a seated position, slightly suspended with his right shoulder against the door. ” TMZ reports. He didn’t leave a suicide note…

The Coroner said Robin’s personal assistant discovered his body hours later. The legendary actor had been battling depression for a while and even went to a Minnesota rehab facility just last month.

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