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Attractive Photos of Tanzanian instagram sensation Jacqueline Obed alias Poshy Queen


Beautiful Photos of Tanzanian Beauty Jacqueline Obed alias Poshy Queen

An instagram sensation is a highly attractive person with a big online presence, it can be a “model” or a celebrity . These people usually have a mass following on instagram and take pictures for pay or sponsors. You can’t really “become” an instagram model. People can take you as one if you are highly attractive and have a huge social media presence. In the case of voluptuous Tanzanian socialite Jacqueline Obed alias Poshy Queen, she is one of the most popular personalities in East Africa. The young lady got herself the fame not because she is a media personality or politician or business tycoon but because she is blessed with some form of endowment for days

She is indeed a young pretty voluptuous African young lady with a natural endowment

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