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ANKPA,OLAMABORO,OMALA Federal constituency needs a different approach.

Written by iwonpopular

Recently the social media has been flooded by a loud overwhelming call from a cross section of Igala groups, enlightened grassroot mobilizers, elites, entertainers, students , civil servants & intelligentsia
from ANKPA /OLAMABORO/ OMALA federal constituency for the National Vice President of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) Baba Ojonugwa J.F.O from Odogomu in Ojoku district of Ankpa local government to represent them at the lower Chamber of the National Assembly.

But Why him & who is Baba Ojonugwa J.F.O?
Is he not just a musician… an entertainer?
What is his political antecedents?

How has he contributed to development in Ankpa federal constituency?
These questions and many more are cogent and realistic ones consequent upon the weight & call for a J.F.O candidature & the acceptability by the old & young, all and sundry from that federal constituency.

J.F.O Baba Ojonugwa is the bridge between yesterday, today & the future of ANKPA OLAMABORO OMALA federal constituency, his track records of achievements from a little unknown Kogi entertainer to becoming the second person in the heirachy of the Nigerian music industry after having mentored almost all the big names in the industry from Kogi state is noteworthy. Baba Ojonugwa is always thinking out of the box for solutions to problems; his selfless support & mentorship of many young ones without seeking anything for himself is legendary.

As a civil servant, his NGO takes care of the school fees of underprivileged Kogi kids using his network of fans, family & friends on social media & offline.

Baba J.F.O is down to earth, easily accessible & honest to a fault without pretence, you know when he is broke and when he isn’t as he makes sure everyone who approaches him is empowered no matter how small.

No wonder entertainers of northern Nigeria have faith in him & found in him a worthy representative in the national entertainment circuit.
His Igalacentrism & true believe of a better Igala land & Kogi state has never been in doubt.

The Ankpa Federal Constituency, since the return to democracy in 1999, has never got it right in terms of good representation at the green chamber.

From Muazu Abimaje, Attai Aidoko, Mohammed Ibrahim & the present Hassan Omale many have continued to ask “have we ever had true representation from Ankpa federal constituency?”
The choice of Baba Ojonugwa J.F.O , a global citizen resident in our locality to represent us at the lower chambers of the National Assembly will bring Ankpa federal constituency to global limelight considering his global connect & humility while attracting vibrant and digital Federal Government projects that will turnaround the fortunes of the Federal Constituency.

Baba Ojonugwa J.F.O is a young man of ideas & we stand with him.

Now is the time for us to realize our mistakes of the past and offer our total and unalloyed support to this young and amiable gentleman of great standing, a man with a credible mindset, a professional and a positive character.

I chose to like, pray and support Baba Ojonugwa J.F.O because of his courage & “can do” spirit. He represents my generation & truly is the symbol of power shift from the old to the new, from analogue to digital.

The time to look beyond political party lines is now, the time to observe the credibility of a candidate and track records of achievement is now.

Let us join hands together and send Baba Ojonugwa J.F.O to represent us in the next legislative dispensation at the National Assembly in other to bring to us the real dividends of democracy.

I am Okeme Kelvin,a true son of Ogugu centre,Olamaboro ,I am the President , Grand Olamaboro Political Alliance (G.O.P.A) & I stand with this credible candidate of the people from Ankpa called Baba Ojonugwa J.F.O. Join us to be ” THE DIFFERENCE ” in the politics of ANKPA ,OLAMABORO & OMALA local government areas of Kogi state.


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