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American Democrats mourn George Floyd in Ghanas Kente Fabric (Photos)


American Democrats mourn George Floyd in Ghanas Kente Fabric (Photos)

The United States of America House and Senate Democrats have held a memorial service in honour of George Floyd, the Black man who was murdered. In a video and pictures sighted the media, the Democrats had adorned their necks with Ghana’s Kente cloth material. They had been captured kneeling as they mourn the loss of life of Floyd.

Led by Nancy Patricia Pelosi, Speaker of the USA House of Representatives, the Democrats noticed an eight minutes, 46 seconds silence to Floyd.

The time is important in that it’s the precise length he was tortured by the police till his final breath. The Democrats are additionally reported to have deliberate to unveil police reform triggered by the homicide of Floyd and different black individuals up to now. The homicide of George Floyd has sparked a worldwide protest. Many Black individuals in America and even Americans have joined within the protest, calling for the top of the cops concerned within the weird act.

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